Hello, World pre-BigBadCon update!

Hello, everyone!

Hello, World is progressing steadily and surely.  I'd like to take this opportunity to push a significant playtest legibility update to the handouts and shared table materials, stuff that I've been fiddling with for awhile.

Major changes:

  • The first 4 Pregenerated Character sheets are up!  These are a preview of a new one-shot starting scenario for Hello, World, which I will be demoing next month at Big Bad Con and Gauntlet Con!  4 more pregens should arrive soon once art for them is complete.
  • Player Handouts have been enhanced with a revisions to the Function roll system, explanations of various subsystems and Forged in the Dark conventions, and a modified Character creation page.  Crucially, Harm and Damage have finally been explained in a way that people can actually understand them.
  • Added the Dynasty crew playbook - Battle to preserve your independence, or forge alliances to topple the structures that run World.  This playbook should work for social or belligerent tables that want to get into conflict or bold politicking!
  • Added Leverage, Plots, and Downtime Mechanics to the Black Hats crew playbook.  These two should demonstrate the overall goal of crew playbooks in HW: each one is a self-contained bundle with divergent methods of advancement and more differentiation to change the 'feel' of running different crew types at the table.
  • Wielder playbook Special Ability Peel Back the Curtain replaced with Weaving - The Wielder is a mystic, outcast, or trickster with power over Truth (Restoring forgotten places, exposing World's past) and Lies (Echoing Illusions, dominion over Daemons).  Peel Back the Curtain didn't fit the themes very well, and has been replaced with an ability that plays much more nicely with the playbook's theme.  BUT, fans of chaos and wantonly unleashing the Glitch should not despair as Peel Back the Curtain will soon have a new home...
  • Speaking of things mysteriously vanishing for the moment, the High-Explosive Packet which used to be a piece of universal Gear is now gone.  Nobody ever used it in playtesting and it implied a level of freely-available wanton firepower that would have worked in a different science fiction context but has always felt a little at odds with the vision of World.  Will it find a place it belongs, much like a similarly destructive ability...?
  • Numerous minor textual changes for legibility, particularly to Playbook Abilities.

What's next?  The next major update should be to the GM Manual, which is currently a dense warren of tightly-formatted rules that needs more room to breathe, more generation tables to inspire, better descriptions of the Servers and Setting, and maybe some choice bits of GM advice and art.

Thank you all for your support!


HW_Player Handouts.pdf 1,015 kB
Sep 26, 2019
HW_User Playbooks.pdf 291 kB
Sep 26, 2019
HW_GM Playtest Booklet.pdf 487 kB
Sep 26, 2019
HW_Crew Sheets.pdf 310 kB
Sep 26, 2019
HW_Faction Map.pdf 110 kB
Sep 26, 2019
HW_Pregenerated Chars.pdf 1 MB
Sep 26, 2019

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Morning Changelog:  Had to reupload a few things so that both the Free Demo and the Owners of the game have access to Handouts and Pregenerated characters (I forgot how itch doesn't like having duplicate filenames).