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Hello, World is set in a digital utopia, the eternal paradise of World. Immortality is law and material needs are easily met but even still not all is well. Here in the World, the only thing in short supply is Memory: a precious resource that lets Users sustain their fragile self-identity and forge lasting, meaningful experiences.

You could live a life of complacent boredom, consuming stale entertainments and marking time in eternity until the clouds crumble to ashes around you. Some users choose to do just that.

But not you.

You'll shake the gates of heaven until the angels are forced to write your name in the stars.

Hello, World is a table-top roleplaying game that is "Forged in the Dark", meaning it is a hack of John Harper's Blades in the Dark (bladesinthedark.com).   Blades in the Dark has an open-source System Reference Document (SRD).

Hello, World now has community copies available for those in need! See below.

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Blades in the Dark™ is a trademark of One Seven Design. The Forged in the Dark Logo is © One Seven Design, and is used with permission.


Buy Now$16.00 USD or more

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