Hello, World super update! New GM Guide, new Playbooks, new Setting notes, new Rules, New Memories!

This update to Hello, World is quite simply the biggest yet.   We've added a bunch of interior art, over 8000 words of setting and game-running advice, an additional Faction, and tons more!  Here's a quick list of hits:

  • Hello, World now has a Spotify playlist??  It is true!  Listen to it while you read, I guess.

  • An extensive State of World section to guide you into your adventure and explain what's even the deal with this digital society.
  • A single-page Blades Changelog that gets veteran GMs and Players of Blades in the Dark up-to-speed with everything they need to know.
  • The three central servers of the setting, Arcturus, Canopus, and Sirius have all received huge district descriptions, including key Landmarks and the Threats, Resources, and Notable NPCs within each.  FINALLY.
  • Argus got mentioned too.  It's basically Really Glitchy Doskvol, lol.
  • Memory purveyors give you dozens of options among each server to relieve Stress (just like the Vice purveyors in Blades in the Dark).
  • Authority rules are reformatted for ease of reading, and rules are added for compiling your own mighty Artifacts of World!  Also includes sample artifacts the GM can slot in as adventure rewards!
  • Standard gear list revised, in particular Boost Gear and Archival Tools have been added to tie in better into the setting (replacing Climbing Gear and Modding Tools, respectively).
  • A dozen small changes to Playbooks and the Crew sheets to fill in rough rules patches.
    • Breaker special ability Auto-Repair has been buffed and renamed Restoration Protocol.
    • Capacitor playbook polished, Friends/Rivals + Gather Info added, gained the Ignite special ability.
    • Squawker special ability Fear the Masses deprecated, replaced with Terms of Service.
    • Wielder playbook had polish applied to various special abilities.
    • Both crew playbooks had numerical tweaks and received their Mastery/Rigging special ability suite.
  • A new Factional challenger approaches: the Isomorphic Mining Consortium are wildcatters exploiting a rarely-occurring natural resource in World to disrupt the economic status quo with the promise of refined MEMcrystal-crafting techniques, once thought lost forever.  Will they be able to create a merchant empire that strangles World through economic might?

Early in 2020 the price of Hello, World will rise to 10 bucks, so now is the time to get it!  Buying the game now through the store page (or the https://itch.io/b/396/thoughty-bundle-up-for-whitney-delaglio, ending in two days!) will give you access to all future updates for Hello, World!


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Dec 04, 2019
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Dec 04, 2019
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Dec 04, 2019
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Dec 04, 2019

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